Use Travel in a Sentence – How to use “Travel” in a sentence


Use Travel in a sentence. How to use the word Travel in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Travel. Sentence for Travel.

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Examples of travel in a sentence

  1. As a practical matter, a voucher showing the amount of the expense is an absolute prerequisite to justify a travel expense.
  2. The peninsula was channeled to save travel time of the ships.
  3. Travel alarm clock AB313 with voice control showing the time zones of the world, £ 21.95.
  4. But the arrival of the minor relative of Avianca, which is not low cost, will give more flavor to air travel, because Regional Express Americas will be dedicated to serving the regional market.
  5. A number of countries have put out travel advisories warning against travel to Wuhan and Hubei province.


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