Use Transaction in a Sentence, How to use “Transaction” in a sentence


Use Transaction in a sentence. How to use the word Transaction in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Transaction. Sentence for Transaction.

Transaction in a Sentence


Examples of Transaction in a sentence

  1. Any transaction involves at least two accounts, but in a single-entry system only a partial set of accounts—usually a cash account and personal accounts—is used.
  2. Thus only one part of the total transaction is recorded.
  3. Each transaction may be said to represent both a giving and a receiving of something of value.
  4. “Double entry” does not mean, as is often thought, that a given transaction is entered twice, but rather that each of two elements is entered once.
  5. In the journal, the unit is the whole transaction; in the ledger, the unit is a part of the transaction as it affects a particular account.
  6. The credits to cash in the first and third journal entries are recorded on the credit side of the “Cash” account on the date of each transaction, and a brief explanation is given.
  7. PTC considers that the transaction provides a convincing opportunity for profit and operating profit margin.
  8. An agreement to sell the company’s total 24.9 percent stake in Grupo Financiero Santander, S.A.B. of C.V. return an affiliate of your parent company in a private transaction for $ 2.5 billion.
  9. Knight (1921), Commons (1934) and Coase (1937) had developed their own school, Transaction Cost Economics (TCE).
  10. The teacher ought to explain to them that, in the transaction of the ordinary business of life, they can not always have exactly such a pen as they would like.
  11. So obviously reasonable is this rule, and, in fact, so absolutely indispensable in the transaction of all the business of life, that it would be idle to attempt to establish and illustrate it here.
  12. This child had, without doubt, heard of some transaction of the kind which he described, and had observed that the word _profit_ was applied to it.

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