Use Tragedy in a Sentence, How to use “Tragedy” in a sentence


Use Tragedy in a sentence. How to use the word Tragedy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Tragedy. Sentence for Tragedy.

Use Tragedy in a Sentence


Definition of Tragedy

  1. A serious play which ends sadly or disastrously.
  2. A sad or disastrous event.

Examples of tragedy in a sentence

  1. The destruction of the town by an earthquake was a terrible tragedy.
  2. The best example to declare here would be the 1984 incident that occurred in India: the Bhopal gas tragedy.
  3. Cato, a blank verse tragedy in five acts by Joseph Addison, first performed in London in 1713.
  4. Its use many centuries later in sentimental comedy or bourgeois tragedy was purely artificial.
  5. Described as a “modern Greek tragedy” and “an insistently metaphysical mind-bending machine” Kafka on the Shore is a compelling story that will stretch the limits of your imagination.
  6. the absurd may exist along with tragedy and height, but is incompatible with comedy.
  7. Voltaire praised her work, which included idylls, eclogues, odes, elegies, madrigals, and the tragedy Genseric (1680).
  8. An Irishman has a permanent sense of tragedy that sustains him through temporary periods of joy.
  9. As I have said, I was placed, by an act of Providence, or of chance, in the very heart of the tragedy.
  10. She is as completely forgotten as Sir Roderick, who betrayed Bacon—she is forgotten because the thing she did, though it might have made a Greek tragedy, was alien to the temperament of the people among whom she lived.
  11. At that instant I felt that I hated Mr. Vanderbridge, for whatever the secret tragedy of their marriage might be, I instinctively knew that the fault was not on the side of the wife.
  12. She felt like an actress who has endowed a comic part with the gesture of high tragedy.
  13. At once there burst upon him the awful reality of the tragedy that had worked itself out so logically before him.

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