Use Too in a Sentence, How to use “Too” in a sentence


Use Too in a sentence. How to use the word Too in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Too.

Use Too in a Sentence - How to use "Too" in a sentence


Examples of Too in a sentence

  1. *** I am too scared to stay alone, please abide with me.
  2. *** She is too proud to accept any help.
  3. *** For many politicians, abortion is too hot a topic to handle.
  4. *** This has been too upset for such a distracting editor as Blu Aardvark.
  5. *** Too anxious to fulfill the obligation is a kind of ingratitude.
  6. *** I’m a little overweight. It can also mean too much fat, especially so you’re not in shape.
  7. *** The prices are not too high in Osteria, and the atmosphere is bright and welcoming.
  8. *** However, it became all too evident at the end of the 20th century that the legions did not follow the vanguard.
  9. *** Shrimp producers are too powerful to be touched.
  10. *** Even so, it is forcing credulity too far to conclude that the debtor has a defensible case.
  11. *** Maggie was too surprised, too surprised to resist it.
  12. *** The most sentimental thing in the world is to hide your feelings; He is doing too much of them.
  13. *** The movie is too cloying sentimental.
  14. *** A little is very long; too much is unbearably sentimental.
  15. *** It is the opinion of a sentimental tourist that no price would be too great to pay, declared the novelist.
  16. *** Do not be too sentimental with the cat.
  17. *** She is too sentimental with her cat.
  18. *** A group of too many curved lines, without the structural rigidity of the straight lines, tends to become sweet and sentimental.
  19. *** Economist Proud Strong says that Bulgaria got into trouble by having too many government employees, spending freely on retirement payments and cheating investors.
  20. *** Wild rice is too expensive to serve, like traditional rice, as an accompaniment to other dishes.
  21. *** But these cute characters are modeled too modestly to have a convincing dimension.

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