Use Times in a Sentence, How to use “Times” in a sentence


Use times in a sentence. How to use the word times in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word times. How to use “times” with example sentences

Use Times in a Sentence - How to use "Times" in a sentence


Examples of times in a sentence

  1. *** At times the early travelers returned with examples of the arts.
  2. *** But in times of recession, the number of unwanted cats has increased.
  3. *** Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.
  4. *** A house, I have a bed, and I have my victuals 3 times each day of God, right?
  5. *** Alter smooth forms of discipline, such as frowning or a slight reprimand, with waiting times.
  6. *** Stretch 30 times with alternate arms as a warm-up exercise.
  7. *** In the investigation, times of discouragement alternate with moments of great achievement.
  8. *** In 1995, science historian Gerald L. Geison published a story in the New York Times that illustrates that Pasteur gave a misleading version of his preparation for the anthrax vaccine (he will be disgraced).
  9. *** The answer is C acceleration. as far as and four times the moon mass.
  10. *** King Edward visited him several times when gunfights and other entertainment were held on a lavish scale.
  11. *** His style is similar to Burck’s: walking the streets of Times Square with his guitar, dressed in an outfit that, well, leaves little to the imagination.
  12. *** The offerings of the congregation are small in difficult times.
  13. *** His congregation prayed four times a day.
  14. *** Absalon’s promotion of cultural endeavors probably influenced Saxo Grammaticus, his secretary, to write the monumental Gesta Danorum, a history of Denmark from legendary times.
  15. *** Times have surely changed.
  16. *** The confession of sins, repeated several times during the day, enumerates only ethical lapses, because only these, not crimes against fellow men, were believed to be atonable by performing the Yom Kippur ritual.
  17. *** Material accommodation, as commonly used, means the theory that Christ and the writers of Scripture modified the truth to accommodate it to the limited understandings or to the prejudices of persons in their times.

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