Use Throughout in a Sentence – How to use “Throughout” in a sentence


Use Throughout in a sentence. How to use the word Throughout in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Throughout. Sentence for Throughout.

Use Throughout in a Sentence - How to use "Throughout" in a sentence


Examples of Throughout in a sentence

  1. O’Keeffe considered Kandinsky’s writings a treasure. He read them throughout his life.
  2. However, the anti-abortion campaign continues throughout the world.
  3. The map shows the distribution of this species throughout the world.
  4. It is a very significant day in the United States and throughout the world.
  5. In the nineteenth century and throughout most of the twentieth century, the theory of comparative advantage explained what was to be explained.
  6. The latter has increased throughout the twentieth century; It is not a phenomenon of the end of the century.
  7. Do wudu in the bathroom, or do wudhu before leaving for school and keep it throughout the day.
  8. It has signed an agreement that allows the United Nations to establish and manage humanitarian centers throughout its country.
  9. Transfer alternating stitches and knit two rows of midpoint throughout, always transferring in the same direction.
  10. The three acts will alternate as headliners throughout the tour.
  11. This bitter complaint and the reference to lavish party practices and official corruption were going to increase in volume throughout the year.
  12. Xerox now applies benchmarking throughout its operation as part of a total quality management process.
  13. Throughout the month, families refrain from eating and drinking during the daytime hours in an act of sacrifice and purification.
  14. May Jesus spill his blessings upon us, and let us continue to celebrate everything throughout our lives.
  15. Tick trefoils are found throughout the United States except for the Pacific coast.
  16. Argonauts are distributed throughout the warmer oceans.
  17. It is generally agreed that the donkey, now found throughout the world, is a descendant of the African wild ass.
  18. Donkeys breed throughout the year.
  19. Dingoes are widely distributed throughout Australia but are not found in Tasmania or New Guinea.
  20. In 1829 he was appointed fourth auditor of the United States treasury, and throughout the administration of Andrew Jackson he was considered the most influential member of the unofficial “Kitchen Cabinet.”
  21. A bitter fight in which the Bidasoa, which already reached last December the Asobal Cup final, and fell to Barcelona, seems to start with a slight advantage, given the regularity that Guipuzcoans have shown throughout the season.

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