Use Throne in a Sentence – How to use “Throne” in a sentence


Use Throne in a sentence. How to use the word Throne in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Throne. Sentence for Throne.

Use Throne in a Sentence - How to use "Throne" in a sentence

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Examples of throne in a sentence

  1. Turnus was, in fact, a distant relative of Amata, and the plan of the queen was that he should marry Lavinia, and in the end succeed with her, to the throne of Latinus.
  2. ABDUR RAHMAN KHAN (1844?-1901), was an amir of Afghanistan, who took the throne with the aid of the British.
  3. It needs the team of the best version of Messi and Luis Suarez to regain the throne of 2015.
  4. The “Suits” star began the process to obtain a British passport shortly after her royal wedding in May 2018 with Prince Harry, the sixth in line to the throne, according to The Times of London.
  5. In a short time a still closer alliance was formed between Æneas and Latinus, an alliance which in the end resulted in the accession of Æneas to the throne of Latinus.
  6. She even had some fears for her personal safety, not knowing but that Ascanius would be suspicious and jealous of her on account of her claims to the throne, and that he might be tempted to do her some injury.
  7. In fact, the Latin portion of his subjects seemed disposed to murmur and complain, at her having been compelled to withdraw from her own paternal kingdom, in order to leave the throne to the occupancy of the son of a stranger.
  8. Others contended that Lavinia represented the ancient and the truly legitimate royal line, and that Æneas Silvius, as her son and heir, ought to be placed upon the throne.
  9. In due time he usurped the throne, and Numitor, giving up the contest with very little attempt to resist the usurpation, fled and concealed himself in some obscure place of retreat.


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