Use Three in a Sentence, How to use “Three” in a sentence


Use Three in a sentence. How to use the word Three in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Three. Sentence for Three.

Three in a Sentence


Examples of Three in a sentence

  1. The ambulance station consisted of three tents, leaning on the edge of a birch grove.
  2. There are three options.
  3. Redbird is a complete GIS manufacturer that specializes in aerial photography, mapping, real three-dimensional modeling and GIS development.
  4. There, thanks to the support of the aerial reconnaissance of the United States, Chadian forces hired GSPC in early March in a battle that lasted three days and allegedly killed 43 GSPC.
  5. Three hundred professional titles are now accredited.
  6. Among them, Three Critiques confirmed the possibility and reality of ontological freedom.
  7. There are three different types of hyphae in sporangium fungi on the basis of their main functions.
  8. An error correction method is proposed for three axial flow-flow sensors based on vector support regression (SVR).
  9. Each patient had three measurements of bone mineral density and bone loss rates were estimated by linear regression for each subject.
  10. He argued that realism is based on three fundamental stones, all found in the writings of Machiavelli.
  11. He was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three additional months to be issued at the same time.
  12. All three species evolved from a single ancestor.
  13. That genus of plants differs in three species.
  14. Spam Blocker, while checking message headers, blocks unwanted messages using three levels of filtering.
  15. Eventually, after three weeks, he intervened to rescue her from another unwanted admirer and love blossomed.
  16. After his three plates were empty, Aaron continued searching for a few seconds.
  17. Three years later, intolerant of the discourteous and insipid environment inside the house, my mother adopted a small child from a tribal clan.
  18. The environment also delighted King, and they spoke amicably through nine courses and three hours.
  19. Avery had great things, total mastery of his three releases.
  20. Three days later, The Corp opened Vital Vittles in the basement of the New South Hall bedroom.

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