Use those in a sentence


Use those in a sentence. How to use the word those in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word those. How to use “those” with example sentences

Definition of those

Examples of those in a sentence

*** The last thirty years, those who have been in power, have been the only ones in modern Japanese history in which the country has not suffered a war.

*** Why do you pretend that you like those boring and artistic films?


*** The earliest known sculptures from Subsaharan Africa are those of the Nok culture of northern Nigeria.

*** You do not intervene between those two drunks.

*** Neither successful actors nor the State intervene to protect those who do not capture many resources.

*** For those who do not like beans, there are 150 different victuals.

*** Those are just some of the reasons why the appointment can stretch credulity.

*** Inevitably, there are those who talk about the decline in moral standards.

*** Those inevitably require hierarchical authority to implement and tend to be mechanistic.

*** Those pacts of silence with heterosexuals inevitably go against the challenges that lesbians pose to heterosexism.

*** It happened in one of those picturesque Danish taverns.

*** In those days it was a picturesque town a couple of miles from the nice and compact city.

*** Or could those waves of nausea as they witness another champion of the truth sell themselves in Hollywood?

*** What we do must manage the needs of many, not those of the few.

*** But when compared to those of central England with North Frisia, on the German North Sea coast, the “samples of central and Frisian English [are]statistically indistinguishable”.

*** After the initial two years of exposure of the granules, the bones were indistinguishable from those of the main collection of granules.

*** However, it expresses the H 2 -receptors of histamine, which are pharmacologically indistinguishable from those of the human gastric glands.

*** The 33 patients with distal disease have functional results that are indistinguishable from those with total colitis.

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