Use This in a Sentence, How to use “This” in a sentence


Use This in a sentence. How to use the word This in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word This. Sentence for This.

This - Sentence for This - Use This in a Sentence

Examples of This in a sentence

  1. This preserves the anonymity of the Member’s actual e-mail address.
  2. This portion of your Profile is optional.
  3. We call this your ‘stored search profile’.
  4. This allows you to search for Members according to when they visited
  5. When you choose this function, the Member Profiles returned by your Search are only those that contain pictures.
  6. Selecting this option limits your search to Members who have picture(s) with their Profile.
  7. In this section there are two (2) options:
  8. To use this portion of the Search form, choose a country from the “Country” field.
  9. If you would like to use this portion of the form to search within the US or Canada you may further choose a State (US) or Province (Canada) from the “State/Province” field to narrow the search.
  10. I wish to receive e-mail about new Members who match this Search with the Robomatch feature.
  11. A first look at this section of the Search page by anyone (US Member, International Member or Guest) shows every category marked as “No Preference” except the “I want a…” portion of the form.
  12. All Members will find this part of the form already filled in.
  13. Selecting the “I wish to receive e-mail about new Members who match this Search with the Robomatch feature.
  14. This activates a new search based on your criteria and stores the search information for use with the Robomatch feature.
  15. Drain the rest of the wine from this barrel.
  16. To do this, you must know the exact spelling of the Member’s Handle.
  17. This adds that Member to your Bookmark list.
  18. This new IP Proxy feature offers a clearer more accurate visitor count for webmasters.
  19. This means webmasters get a convoluted undercounting of unique visitors as they are all lumped under a single IP address and therefore counted only as one visitor.
  20. The equivalent oil figures referenced in this document are based on 6,000 cubic feet of gas equivalent to one barrel of oil equivalent.

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