Use Thing in a Sentence, How to use “Thing” in a sentence


Use Thing in a sentence. How to use the word Thing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Thing. Sentence for Thing.

Thing in a Sentence


Definition of Thing

  • 1. an object that one does not need, can not, or does not want to give a specific name.
  • 2. an inanimate material object as distinct from a living sentient being.

Examples of Thing in a sentence

  1. But one thing that was not well preserved in the reserve is the elusive and enigmatic wolf.
  2. But really, is there such a thing as ‘perfect parenting’?
  3. This  comic project of collaborations can be the next big thing for these fans.
  4. The last thing Profitboss will do is stay in the office to manage the documentation of these projects.
  5. And printing, the good thing is that your printing is very affordable because you can print it using our Xerox image printing systems.
  6. With an artist, there is no such thing as perfect.
  7. “Ultimately, the message of the series is that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with yourself,” he said, adding that they expect public perception to change when the series opens on August 10.
  8. “The good thing about this is that you do not have your boss stuck and there is little responsibility, there are other dangerous areas in the country, but nobody warned me about this,” he complains again.
  9. And one thing that Kate learned from her mom, who is also a divorcee from ex-husband Bill Hudson, is that you should never say a bad word about the other parent to your child.
  10. Well, casting the best one to portray Diana, the princess of the Amazon, might be the hardest thing to do because you’ll have to think who will be worthy enough to wear her bracelets.
  11. The most important thing is that your request depends on spending most of your time in the United Kingdom, completely at odds with your widely informed plans to omit mainly Britain and, instead, settle in Canada and then in Los Angeles.

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