Use Thin in a Sentence, How to use “Thin” in a sentence


Use Thin in a sentence. How to use the word Thin in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Thin. Sentence for Thin.

Use Thin in a Sentence - How to use "Thin" in a sentence


Examples of Thin in a sentence

  1. I try to grab onto a thin low branch of a birch tree.
  2. “And how thin is it there?”
  3. So he got some very thin paper, and made a large paper bag.
  4. She was pale and thin in her countenance, but there was a very calm and happy expression beaming in her eye.
  5. The tall and thin forms of Egypt are not to be found in the monuments of Assyria.
  6. The paper obtained from it was formed from a sort of inner bark, which consisted of thin sheets or pellicles growing around the wood.
  7. Spurn is a long, thin peninsula, protruding three and a half miles from the continent of North Humberside.
  8. Artificial patinas are applied to copper or bronze using chemical solutions that react with the surface to form a thin layer of color corrosion.
  9. Suppose a thin glass vessel were to be filled with air, and another with water, and the air suddenly removed from the room around them; what would be the effects?
  10. The narrative has been accused of encouraging the stereotype that women “have to be thin to be popular, have friends and be desirable to men.”
  11. However, we can not all be long, thin materials and supermodels, but we still have an incredible body that pumps blood through our veins, gives us a brain to think, legs to walk, arms to hug our children with and a mouth that we allow us to eat and share our smiles.
  12. A sheet of the thin bark as taken from the tree, was laid flat upon a board, and then a cross layer was laid over it, the materials having been previously moistened with water made slightly glutinous.


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