Use Thimerosal in a Sentence, How to use “Thimerosal” in a sentence


Use thimerosal in a sentence. How to use the word thimerosal in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word thimerosal.

Use Thimerosal in a Sentence - How to use "Thimerosal" in a sentence

Definition of thimerosal

Thiomersal, or thimerosal, is an organomercurium compound. This compound is a well-established antiseptic and antifungal agent. The pharmaceutical corporation Eli Lilly and Company gave thiomersal the commercial name Merthiolate.

Examples of thimerosal in a sentence

  1. *** This represents a severe increase in thimerosal toxicity.
  2. *** Therefore, receiving the hepatitis B vaccine with thimerosal on the first day of birth is equivalent to a 200-pound adult male who consumes 1,400 cans of tuna in a single day.
  3. *** But thimerosal was eliminated from most vaccines in 1999, and rates of autism continue to rise.
  4. *** Thimerosal is not used in the production of FluMist.
  5. *** Some antivacic groups increase the fears of thimerosal, a preservative used in some brands of flu vaccines.
  6. *** Does the new vaccine contain the thimerosal mercury compound?
  7. *** Will the vaccines contain thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that, critics say, could cause problems?
  8. *** There were no safety tests for thimerosal in children before it was administered in pediatric vaccines.
  9. *** Since the 1930s, thimerosal has been widely used as a preservative in various biological products and medications.
  10. *** The flu vaccine packaged in a multidose vial contains thimerosal, a preservative that prevents contamination of the vial during repeated use.
  11. *** Thimerosal, administered through vaccines, is the main source of exposure to mercury and the root cause of the autism epidemic.
  12. *** Thimerosal is widely used to preserve vaccines and is made from a type of mercury called ethyl mercury. It allows the distribution of vaccines in multi-dose containers.
  13. *** Among the 42 neuropsychological results, we detected only some significant associations with mercury exposure of thimerosal.
  14. *** Currently, there is no evidence of toxicity in infants, children or adults exposed to thimerosal.
  15. *** This clinical study also found a significant dose-response relationship between the severity of ASD symptoms and the total mercury dose that these children received from medications preserved with thimerosal.


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