They in a Sentence

How to use the word They in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word They.

Examples of They in a sentence

*** If they do, their e-mail address is highlighted.

*** We have discovered people want to know as much as possible about other Members before they respond.

*** Guests performing searches need to enter all information each time that they perform a Search.

*** We arrange the list chronologically showing Members in the order they last logged on to beginning with the most recent.

*** The list shows their Handle, location and the date and time they last logged-on.

*** ISPs issue proxy IP addresses to surfers when they log onto the internet drawn from their own fixed pool of assigned IP addresses.

*** Other statistical counters, under current industry standards, render a skewed visitor count as they fail to distinguish multiple visitors using the identical proxy address assigned by their ISP.

*** Because such potentially distressing events are predictable, but unavoidable, they are an ideal approach to an investigation of coping behaviors.

*** He says they were surprised by the vandalism.

*** They credited Bell’s invention of the telephone.

*** They have the confidence of governments to which they are accredited.

*** Stacks of batteries that were filled with acid were used, and they were the great inconvenience.

*** They retained and emphasized, on the other hand, deliberately produced documents produced by a centralized Chancellery and other Norman offices and institutions.

*** Their names indicate that they were personifications of wind and storm.

*** They seem determined to chain the talks for an indefinite period.

*** They were thirsty and hungry, empty-eyed beasts with bellies swollen from hunger and protruding ribs.

*** They were hungry and thirsty.

*** They watered the thirsty fields.

*** They were extraordinarily skilled in their cultivation of the foreign press.

*** She said that she was not worthy to accept the honor they had offered her.

*** They were persuaded that we would accept the invitation.

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