Use There in a Sentence, How to use “There” in a sentence


Use There in a sentence. How to use the word There in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word There.

Use There in a Sentence


Examples of There in a sentence

  1. The plan was to go in relays and not leave the Jonquil unsupervised, but there was a mess.
  2. The Mont Blanc massif falls steeply on the southeastern, Italian side; of the few glaciers there, those of Miage and Brenva are the largest.
  3. He was president of the University of Buenos Aires (1941-1943) and a professor there (1943-1946).
  4. And there are 8 types of major components in the liquid fuel, which belong to higher olefinic hydrocarbon, acetylene series, heterocyclic compound and polycyclic organic matter.
  5. On the northwestern, French side the slope is more moderate, and owing to its exposure, the largest glaciers are found there, including the Mer de Glace, one of the largest in the Alps.
  6. There are no perfect relationships.
  7. There was still a slight hope that they would accept the offer.
  8. I would have to accept it; There was no other way.
  9. However, there are important factors that give a strong impulse to reductivist reasoning. Let us consider the ontological version first.
  10. There, the large cables are divided into several small cables, which are transported along the sidewalks in pipelines and connected at appropriate points to serve the subscribers.
  11. When deciding who lives or dies, there is no democracy.
  12. There could be other manifestations of slow landslide, Jordan said.
  13. There will be rain in the southwest.
  14. There was rain in the night.
  15. Even in the winter with the rain falling, it’s nice and cozy there.
  16. There will be rain everywhere tomorrow.
  17. There was enough rain and snow last winter.
  18. There was nothing so boring, he thought, like someone who continually cried for his luck.
  19. There was nothing more boring than flogging, looking for something like a bicycle without lights.
  20. This city is so boring at night, there‘s never anything to do.
  21. There was something in the atmosphere of that house that made me feel comfortable instantly and gave me a sense of belonging.
  22. It was at last removed by the very simple expedient of creating a greater danger behind than there is before.

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