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Use Theology in a sentence. How to use the word Theology in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Theology.

Definition of Theology

Examples of Theology in a sentence

*** Tillich analyzes the ontological anxiety of the people, as well as their characteristics of times, from the angle of Christian theology, and explores the nature and origin of the dilemma of the existence of the modernists.

*** The traditional religions of this area are rich in ritual and intricate in theology.

*** Much of Protestant theology in the later 19th century can be understood as a reaction to Leben Jesu.

*** In theology, in precise usage, it is the presentation of a truth not absolutely, but with some modification to suit it either to some other truth or to the person addressed.

*** His study of theology was begun at the Sorbonne and continued at Louvain.

*** Having accepted the chair of practical theology at Lausanne in 1837, he abandoned it 10 years later when the curtailment of Protestant freedoms led to his withdrawal from the national chuch as part of the Free Church movement in Vaud Canton.

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