Use Then in a Sentence, How to use “Then” in a sentence


Use Then in a sentence. How to use the word Then in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Then. Sentence for Then.

Use Then in a Sentence - How to use "Then" in a sentence


Examples of Then in a sentence

  1. You must then log on to to read the message.
  2. You will then see a list of the Members whom you previously bookmarked.
  3. Since then, WCS aerial surveys have been expanded to monitor wildlife, livestock and human activity in much of southern Sudan.
  4. Then, he introduced the melody, the form, the harmonic progression, the poetic rhythm, the piano accompaniment of important works in the artistic song of Schubert again.
  5. Since then, much evidence has accumulated that p53 is a tumor suppressor gene involved in a wide range of human malignancies.
  6. I think that perhaps the Chancellor’s Court has repented since then.
  7. Daudet became a rabid anti-Semite in the early days of the Dreyfus affair, then joined the royalist party and, with Charles Maurras, directed the royalist paper L’action fran├žaise.
  8. Since then, he has shown all the signs of being a pragmatist, a skilled politician and a hard worker.
  9. Then the rhetoric has started to turn in a different direction.
  10. Then you need a good accountant to get the money for you.
  11. He trained as a public accountant at Price Waterhouse and then specialized in taxes at Touche Ross.
  12. I was studying to be an accountant, but then the baby appeared and I had to give up everything.
  13. You may then gradually move the pot to warmer spots.
  14. Fix the slat in place with angle brackets, then place the shutter with the touch latch.
  15. Then the rain came and the red flag was raised to indicate a stop.
  16. Then, the regression equation of the height to the minimum area of ??the cross section of the femoral neck was concluded.
  17. SPSS application then doing regression analysis shows that equation, after detection.
  18. Then, one day, Kirsty met an old friend who happened to have consulted me in the past for regression therapy.
  19. He offered one to every five scholars, as they sat on their benches, and every boy then saw that a reward would certainly come within five of him.

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