Use Their in a Sentence, How to use “Their” in a sentence


Use Their in a sentence. How to use the word Their in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Their. Sentence for Their.

Use Their in a Sentence - How to use "Their" in a sentence


Examples of Their in a sentence

  1. Many kinds of insect go through metamorphosis during their lives.
  2. They may fall into a forgetful toadyism and humble themselves before their historical oppressors.
  3. Solanium Launchpad distributions are at this very moment in process of being sent directly to their respective wallets directly!
  4. By the century’s end, their struggle had boiled over in the epochal Napoleonic Wars.
  5. But by 1700, although China had no rival for might and splendor, the Ottoman Turkish empire had passed its peak, the Mughuls in India had over extended their power, and Japan had entered a period of isolation.
  6. Their shoes were of thick red leather, and on the head they wore a tarboosh, a red cloth cap.
  7. Musicians and dancers were often called on to entertain at lavish banquets given by the wealthy for their friends.
  8. Entries on saints of the church are under their given names or surnames.
  9. They derive their efficacy from the prayer and blessing of the church.
  10. Animals have an amazing ability to adapt to their environment.
  11. Their control rested on military might; their economic success, on efficient distribution of the Nile waters.
  12. Their favorite pastime was conversing with other women.
  13. The poor still dress in their gallabiyas and, except in the model villages, live in huts.
  14. In 1890 their engineers repaired the barrage across the Nile.
  15. It is accomplished by individuals who are capable of interpreting designs by their sensitive choice of materials, colors, and techniques but not necessarily of originating the designs themselves.
  16. Eurodollars make up 80% of a broader Euro-currency system in which banks issue liabilities and acquire claims in currencies other than that of their country of residence.
  17. The cave temples of Elephanta, an island in Bombay harbor, are noted for their sculptures dating from this time.
  18. Their native language is Abkhaz, one of the oldest languages of the Caucasus region.
  19. Motor vehicle deaths decline to their lowest level in January and February.
  20. Investors insisted on records being kept of their investments in these enterprises.
  21. Because of the heavy tax burden, there is a great need for tax accountants —accountants who because of their knowledge of accounting and tax law can help their clients reduce their taxes by expert planning.
  22. The trial balance is a listing of all the ledger accounts with their balances recorded in the proper debit or credit columns.
  23. All her men were on deck, watching out for their lost boat.
  24. Donald and Mike had their own rooms.
  25. The women stayed inside their houses.
  26. The other men shook their heads too.
  27. Their behaviors exerted a malign influence on children.
  28. In suitable environments, yeasts grow rapidly, forming long chain of cells as the buds themselves produce their own “buds” before being separated from the mother cell.
  29. I was honoured by the reproaches of several private and by the reprobation of several public critics; some correspondents favoured me with their anonymous scurrility, and some bigots relieved me of their acquaintance.

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