Use That in a Sentence, How to use “That” in a sentence


Use That in a sentence. How to use the word That in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word That.

Use That in a Sentence - How to use "That" in a sentence


Examples of That in a sentence

  1. That needle points east and swears that my compass is true!
  2. Later that day, the ship lost her log.
  3. Safety match, a match that lights only when struck across a chemically prepared friction surface.
  4. The aardvark, native to central and Southern Africa, is a nocturnal animal that feeds on ants and termites.
  5. She said before the match that Donald still needed time to adapt.
  6. I was about to say that, you interrupted.
  7. When you are driving a car, you should not forget the rules that you have to abide.
  8. He wanted to destroy everything that he could see.
  9. When you provide the information we ask for in order to retrieve a forgotten password, an e-mail containing the password goes to the e-mail address that we currently have on file for you.
  10. He so abhorred lying that he could scarcely be persuaded to remain in the same room with anyone whom he suspected of not telling the truth.
  11. Nouns naming things that we cannot count have no indefinite article, and usually no plural.
  12. About 1620, Blaeu designed a printing press that is said to have embodied the first major improvements since the invention of printing.
  13. Its density is about 2.4 that of water, compared to the earth’s density of 5.52.
  14. Titan’s disk has shown colors and streaks that are indicative of clouds.
  15. These observations are quite remarkable when it is noted that the angular size of Titan, as seen from the earth, is only about 0.7 second of arc at best.
  16. Green Card applications that are provided by Green web site have standard of 14.99 dollars per person.
  17. It has an overpowering odor, which resembles that of garlic.
  18. Rather new to Canada, this plant is one that needs full sun.

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