Use Than in a Sentence, How to use “Than” in a sentence


Use Than in a sentence. How to use the word Than in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Than.

Use Than in a Sentence - How to use "Than" in a sentence


Examples of Than in a sentence

  1. This creates 40 times higher losses in a buried cable than in an aerial cable.
  2. Expect a lot of battles of lotta weapons and air battles, at par if not better than Transformers.
  3. During the conflict in Kosovo, the thick cloud meant that some unmanned aerial vehicles took more useful images than spy satellites.
  4. It does not grow as fast as N. indicum, but thin stems produce more aerial leaves than larger species.
  5. I accredited you with more sense than your silly behavior suggests.
  6. Green is much better than boring old white.
  7. Foreign visitors are often surprised to discover that more than 100 accredited journalists roam freely through the corridors of the Pentagon in search of news, without escort even in times of war.
  8. I credited you with more sense than your silly behavior suggests.
  9. In less than a year, China went from being a mega-polluting power to becoming a promising competitor of clean technologies that promises to outperform the United States.
  10. One reason is that Clinton is a much more skilful politician than Dukakis.
  11. Of the offshore cables within the first twelve years, the probable life of a cable was placed as low as fifteen years, but the dismantling of the unusable construction types, and the general improvement of the materials, have gradually extended that first estimate, until now the limit can be placed safely to not less than forty years.
  12. After all, the only thing more boring than boring is being boring and correct.
  13. Another warning: you may no longer need more fiscal software than you have for an accountant.
  14. Maybe one is safer being a turf accountant than a collegiate accountant in this day and age.
  15. When everything happened, he had nothing other than his father’s property, all of which had been attached for 15 years.
  16. The females, which range in length from about 2 to 12 inches (5-30 cm), are about ten times larger than the males.

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