Use Text in a Sentence, How to use “Text” in a sentence


Use Text in a sentence. How to use the word Text in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Text. Sentence for Text.

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Examples of text in a sentence

  1. You can plan your text position.
  2. Text stream selection is performed with a steering wheel
  3. The selected text of the Bible was read aloud by the congregation.
  4. You can send the list in text form, without marks, please.
  5. Writes a character followed by a line terminator to the text stream.
  6. It is a very good text book for studying French.
  7. Careful the eyewash such as guess, prize in pop can, false coin and prize in text message.
  8. The ink dot sharpness, text feathering , and Ink-jet Dot Quality Index by expressing the behavior of the penetration and diffusion of ink were used to evaluate the printing quality.
  9. Also includes: Improvements to the Missing Fonts dialog and enhancements to text-related layout and typing features
  10. Notice that some of the discussion will also be pertinent to cases where you have text, comments, and processing instructions as siblings of elements, but this discussion focuses solely on elements.
  11. This is a new edition of Paul Davies’ very highly regarded text on high energy particle physics aimed at the scientifically educated general reader.
  12. While you can display call information and text messages when you are connected to an iPhone or Android phone, there is no support for email or third-party applications.
  13. Writes a character followed by a line terminator to the text stream.
  14. It does not imitate the sounds of nature, tell a story, or illustrate a text.
  15. From these assumptions are deduced the numbers given in the text.
  16. Occasionally there arises a quarrel which supplies a text for a moral lesson.
  17. This was intended as an expression of the text, justice and peace have kissed each other, which was considered as an appropriate text to characterize and commemorate the peace between England and France which this marriage had sealed.


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