Use Terms in a Sentence, How to use “Terms” in a sentence


How to use the word Terms in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Terms.

Use Terms in a Sentence - How to use "Terms" in a sentence


Examples of Terms in a sentence

  1. Although prices are falling in absolute terms, energy remains expensive.
  2. She knows I need the job, so she took out my barrel in terms of what she pays me.
  3. In terms of spending, it now costs £ 12 million to administer an annual expenditure of only £ 17 million on the grant.
  4. There is too much of “what was mentioned above, what has been mentioned so far, despite the fact that, and in accordance with,” in legal language, he said. “Several of those terms are misleading and ambiguous.
  5. In terms of accounting, this would almost double public debt, but that is quite misleading.
  6. In more restricted economic terms, agriculture offers a striking example of how unfair baldness figures can be for labor productivity.
  7. The terms were unintelligible to ordinary people.
  8. The union of matrices plays a key role in the effectiveness of the production of CI. The rapid development brings a challenge to the system in terms of hits, speed, acceleration and precision.
  9. In terms of the temperature inversion algorithms, the background noise subtraction and the wave noise reduction algorithm are used to improve the signal to noise ratio.
  10. Discipleship is much more than initiation into a particular congregation or even accepting the membership terms prescribed by a particular denomination.
  11. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the House of Representatives unanimously approved a resolution supporting legislation to make terms such as those of the United Arab Emirates the norm, but it has yet to become law.
  12. These seem to admit answers in terms of the working criteria of veterinarians, farm inspectors and slaughterhouses and zoo managers.
  13. The harmonious and ecological Hainan construction requires innovations in terms of thinking, concepts, system, organization and methods, which needs the impetus of advanced culture.
  14. In general terms, they are of good quality, with multiple arguments and debates, which provide a lot of information to researchers and give an impulse to the increase in the study of the “Classic of poetry”.
  15. The paintings were the most stable race in terms of membership, losing only 1,082 members by a percentage decrease of 2.1%.
  16. Air France-KLM is the leading group in terms of international traffic of departures from Europe.
  17. However, in terms of structural damage, some 3,000 homes were initially reported without electricity, damage to a trailer park, breakage in local roads, and commercial premises, where food and beverages flew off the shelves during the strong movement.

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