Use Tea in a Sentence, How to use “Tea” in a sentence


Use Tea in a sentence. How to use the word Tea in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Tea. Sentence for Tea.

What is International Tea Day (December 15) and History

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Examples of Tea in a sentence

  1. You can quench your coffee craving during pregnancy with other hot beverages such as decaffeinated herbal tea and hot carob.
  2. Tea was another export staple.
  3. Tuning the Lute and Drinking Tea, a Sung dynasty copy of a work painted by Chou Fang in T’ang dynasty China.
  4. I held my hot cup of tea to warm my hands.
  5. The tea is prepared on a rotating basis by the members of the lady.
  6. Equally venerable is the local tea ceremony, which can last several hours.
  7. During their stay in Woodstock they came to tea with us in our flat in the Banbury Road.
  8. Tea time in our house is like lunchtime at the zoo!
  9. Before you run to the store to get the latest detox tea or shake promoted by popular celebrities, you may want to read on.
  10. Essentially, the gist of this whole tea was that, Khloe eventually deleted the post, with the actress, seemingly keeping a tab, rejoicing over it.
  11. Helen did not expect this; she had anticipated a refreshing cup of tea after the long siege.
  12. Harrison rode over for luncheon, and not until late afternoon, when I strolled out, with my hands full of papers, for a cup of tea on the terrace, did I have a chance to see Mildred alone.
  13. While I was trying to comfort her the servant came with the tea things, and she kept him about some trivial orders until the big touring-car of one of our neighbours rushed up the drive and halted under the terrace.
  14. She asked me to make the tea because she was still so weak, and I saw that she looked flushed and feverish, and that her eyes were unnaturally large and bright.


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