Use Tarboosh in a Sentence, How to use “Tarboosh” in a sentence


Use Tarboosh in a sentence. How to use the word Tarboosh in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Tarboosh.

Tarboosh in a Sentence
Definition of Tarboosh

Men’s cap similar to a fez, usually made of red felt with a tassel on top.

Examples of Tarboosh in a sentence

  1. Their shoes were of thick red leather, and on the head they wore a tarboosh, a red cloth cap.
  2. He had the audacity to wear the tarboosh with pride.
  3. I never heard about Tarboosh.
  4. A servant answered that; His dark color and tarboosh were Egyptian, though he wore the suit of a European butler.
  5. He was famous for his red tarboosh, and his appearance was large and heavy, heavier than his weight.
  6. The tarboosh and modern fez, which is similar, owe much of their development and popularity to the Ottoman era.
  7. In addition, a muntaz carried a star and a gallon on his tarboosh, with the base parallel to the bottom edge of the hat.
  8. Photo of traditional Fez or Tarboosh hat of Morocco stock photo, images and stock photography.
  9. Tarboosh, also spelled Tarbush, close-fitting, flat-topped, brimless hat shaped like a truncated cone.
  10. I read in my guide book that there was one shop left in Cairo that makes the tarboosh.
  11. Tarboosh is the word Egyptians use for what people in North America might call a fez.
  12. The tarboosh, a traditional tasseled hat, was famous in Lebanon and in countries across the Middle East and North Africa before the 60s.
  13. Moreover a muntaz wore a star and a gallon on his tarboosh, with the base parallel to the lower edge of the hat itself.
  14. Until the 19th century it was the only source of Fez hats (also known as the tarboosh), before they began to be manufactured in France and Turkey.
  15. Ambassador Amr is on the far right, wearing a tarboosh.
  16. Wearing a fez (tarboosh) in Turkey mad and silly historians eventually died.

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