Tall in a sentence

Use Tall in a sentence. How to use the word Tall in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Tall. Sentence for Tall.

Examples of Tall in a sentence

*** John, the tallest boy in our class, is nicknamed “Mr High.”

*** Mary is only taller than Tom when she’s wearing high heels.

*** Tom wasn’t tall enough to reach the books on the top shelf.

*** My older brother is really tall. He’s about 180 centimeters.

*** The little bunny stayed motionless in the tall grass until the hawk flew away.

*** Can you cut the stems of those roses a little bit shorter? They are too tall for this vase.

*** We went for a walk amongst the tall trees of the forest.

*** I can’t believe how tall they are.

*** Everyone in his family is tall.

*** Jane grew taller than her mother.

*** This is the tallest tower in Japan.

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