Use Talks in a Sentence, How to use “Talks” in a sentence


Use Talks in a sentence. How to use the word Talks in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Talks. Sentence for Talks.

Use Talks in a Sentence - How to use "Talks" in a sentence

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Definition of Talks

  • speak to give information or express ideas or feelings; Talk or communicate by spoken words.

Examples of Talks in a sentence

  1. There are no serious talks to persuade the Swedes in doubt.
  2. He talks to them in simple language, and wonders why they are not interested.
  3. Rank Xerox also talks to non-competitors who excel at a particular function.
  4. She talks as if she were quite out of her head.
  5. We always face a challenge that talks about having high-quality products while also supporting local production of food.
  6. One mother, for instance, when she hears her baby cry, runs to him, picks him up, dances him up and down, offers him food, dangles a bell in front of him, talks to him, takes him to the window, tries every imaginable device to quiet him.
  7. The chances for peace in the Middle East seem increasingly remote Now that talks between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders have broken off.
  8. Of course he talks to me now when I make him, but about things in Asia or Africa that I am certain are as dull to him as to me.
  9. To which I answered, ‘Come and seat yourself by me the next time he is at my side, and hear for yourself how he talks about it.
  10. Miss Aurelia takes them in her hands, examines them, talks about them, and talks to them; and when at last the child goes back to her play, she goes with the feeling in her heart that she has found a new friend.
  11. There is no possible picture that will not suggest to a person possessed of ordinary ingenuity an endless number of talks to interest and amuse the child.


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