Take in a Sentence

How to use the word Take in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Take.

Examples of Take in a sentence

*** Changes take place immediately.

*** It is inevitable to take the movement of the image during aerial photography due to the existence of a relative speed between the plane of the plane and the ground and other factors.

*** This document presents a successful combination of photographic film to take high quality aerial photographs, with CCD cameras to achieve the TV command guide in a Micro Air Remote Sensing System (MARSS).

*** At best, amphibious assailants can have panoramic reconnaissance shots or take a flight over the target beach.

*** eagles without experience of suffering wind and rain can not fly high in the sky. And being brave to take risks is an eternal formula for us

*** We take shelter from the rain in a cave.

*** However, in the debt markets they failed to take into account the events of low probability but high impact, such as the heartbreaking fall in house prices.

*** The goal was not to take valuable time with the usual boring images.

*** And when the money starts to arrive, you will need an accountant who will take care of all your financial affairs.

*** Because the police officer felt that the woman was bewildered, he asked her to take a sobriety test.

*** If you take this game lightly, you could end up with an egg on your face.

*** You take the front line when there is danger.

*** In addition to carrying the rated current continuously, fuses are generally designed to take a certain amount of overload for a predetermined period of time before they work.

*** Take an imperial sheet of cartridge paper and a small roll of gummed tape.

*** So Donald and his children must be cleansed, clothed and their sins atoned for by sacrifice before they can take office.

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