Use Susceptible in a Sentence, How to use “Susceptible” in a sentence


Use Susceptible in a sentence. How to use the word Susceptible in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Susceptible. Sentence for Susceptible.

Use Susceptible in a Sentence - How to use "Susceptible" in a sentence


Examples of Susceptible in a sentence

  1. Youngsters with recent tonsillectomies seem to be particularly susceptible during epidemics.
  2. A cognitive scientist explains why humans are so susceptible to fake news and misinformation.
  3. He said we need more information before determining whether a blood type makes you more susceptible to the virus.
  4. “Naturally, under these existing conditions,” he warned her almost threateningly, “I am not peculiarly susceptible to the mawkishly ignorant and sentimental protests of chocolate candy!
  5. “Yes,” he said, “not being a doctor, and being extremely susceptible to the pressure of his duty toward you, he may have worn himself out.”
  6. Her regenerated beauty was an object-lesson to all young husbands’ pocket-books for all time to come that beauty like love is infinitely more susceptible to bad weather than is either homeliness or hate, and as such must be cherished by a man’s brain as well as by his brawn.
  7. Thinking seriously of this, I fancied that this “perception by appreciation” might be susceptible of equal development, if I applied its principles to the memory and the mind.
  8. Actual sluggishness characterized the frogs only, and yet these creatures are supposed to be less susceptible to cold than all the others.
  9. The most unequivocal distinctness and directness in giving its responses is a very essential requisite in any tribunal that is called upon as an umpire, to settle disputes; while the ancient auguries and oracles were always susceptible of a great variety of interpretations.
  10. Indeed, the younger the child is, within reasonable limits, the more susceptible he seems to be to the power of the imagination, and the more easily his mind and heart are reached and influenced through this avenue.
  11. The answers of the oracles were generally vague and indefinite, and susceptible of almost any interpretation, according to the result.

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