Use Surveyed in a Sentence – How to use “Surveyed” in a sentence


Use Surveyed in a sentence. How to use the word Surveyed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Surveyed. Sentence for Surveyed.

Use Surveyed in a Sentence - How to use "Surveyed" in a sentence


Examples of Surveyed in a sentence

  1. He surveyed her with gloomy severity.
  2. He surveyed me, still with reproach.
  3. Researchers surveyed 120 high school football players.
  4. She surveyed Sophie from top to toe in a disarmingly frank way.
  5. Then, standing up, he surveyed his work with a look of satisfaction, and said, “There!”
  6. Pyrrhus rode out in front of his lines and surveyed the body of Macedonians before him.
  7. The party now stopped, while Allie surveyed the ragged and wretched-looking group before her.
  8. Leaning back in her chair, Dorothy surveyed her with a look which was at once sympathetic and mocking.
  9. This was the valley Bige and I had located when we surveyed the country from over on Santanoni.
  10. From the summits of the range, looking northward, the eye surveyed a vast extent of land, constituting one of the most extensive and fertile valleys on the globe.
  11. The land was surveyed, streets laid out, building lots assigned to merchants for warehouses and shops, and to the boyars for palaces and gardens.
  12. He then deliberately surveyed his catch, appearing to gloat over it, after which he started down stream, tumbling in and climbing out of the water as far as he could be seen and I heard him several minutes after he had gone out of view.
  13. Then standing before it with his screw-driver in his hand, he surveyed his work with another look of satisfaction, and said, “There! there are two good jobs done.”
  14. Caesar surveyed the field of battle after the victory of Pharsalia, not with the feelings of exultation which might have been expected in a victorious general, but with compassion and sorrow for the fallen soldiers whose dead bodies covered the ground.


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