Use Surgical in a Sentence – How to use “Surgical” in a sentence


Use Surgical in a sentence. How to use the word Surgical in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Surgical. Sentence for Surgical.

Use Surgical in a Sentence - How to use "Surgical" in a sentence

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Examples of surgical in a sentence

  1. Now, it is a routine surgical technique.
  2. A number of Ancient Greek surgical tools.
  3. It can either be to cover medical bills, surgical procedures, or for the medication of the recipient.
  4. Rarely, surgical procedures which divide arteries or remove nerves in the soft tissues of the cranium are necessary.
  5. Above, a surgical resident (rear) examines x-ray photographs of the patient while the anesthesiologists (foreground) make the necessary preparations.
  6. Tonsils that become inflamed and chronically enlarged require surgical removal (tonsillectomy)
  7. Objective To study the surgical therapeutic method of perianal abscess in one stage.
  8. The location and treatment of the canal isthmus may be a prerequisite for successful surgical endodontics.
  9. They are most effectively treated early in life by surgical excision or scraping.
  10. Persons with this tendency should always report the fact before having a tooth extracted, or undergoing the most minör surgical procedures, so that transfusions of the proper blood type can be available.
  11. A muscular weakness may be present at birth; a hernia may develop in infancy from straining—for example, in whooping cough; it may result from lifting a heavy object or other overstraining, or during childbirth, or because tissues have not healed adequately after a surgical operation.
  12. Surgical repair is the most thorough and certain treatment.
  13. Injection, if effective, eliminates the need for a surgical operation, although it is usually not as reliable.
  14. The surgical technique which has been developed is simple and the risk involved is relatively slight.
  15. Having now found garments in which he could make her comfortable after his surgical work was done, he proceeded with the stupendous task that awaited him.
  16. Bige and I found we could not separate the two fishes without first performing a surgical operation.


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