Use Surface in a Sentence, How to use “Surface” in a sentence


Use Surface in a sentence. How to use the word Surface in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Surface. Sentence for Surface.

How Does Ice Change The Earth’s Surface?

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Examples of surface in a sentence

  1. Stolons: These are the hyphae that are spread over the surface of food supply.
  2. Wash the feet, underarms and body surface with soap.
  3. The appearance of the surface can be very deceptive.
  4. On the other side of the spectrum we make a large end brush of 12 ‘diameter, of a disk configuration, of stainless steel to impart a particular surface finish on a fuel bail in a nuclear reactor.
  5. A surface of an object to be plated is subjected to a treatment for the imparting of palladium catalyst to impart a palladium catalyst to the surface of an insulating part thereof.
  6. The body is heavy and quite thick, and the marks on the surface of the skin in contrast consist of zigzag or diamond-shaped.
  7. Armstrong and Aldrin went to the moon’s surface in a smaller spacecraft.
  8. Bright red blood may coat the outer surface of the stool.
  9. Because the pressure at that depth is far greater than surface atmospheric pressure.


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