Use Supported in a Sentence – How to use “Supported” in a sentence


Use Supported in a sentence. How to use the word Supported in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Supported. Sentence for Supported.

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Examples of supported in a sentence

  1. The shoulders are supported from the top of the head and the neck down to the floor.
  2. The largest of the city-supported museums is the Gifu city museum of History.
  3. Most historians regard it as unsubstantial, supported only by vague recollections and suppositions long after the event.
  4. They were supported by Abdur Rahman Khan in a civil war that lasted for five years.
  5. Now, they would both be supported upon the water, so that their weight would be neutralized; and yet they would move very differently.
  6. The White House social secretary, Capricia Marshall, who had supported me since 1991 and had been with Hillary since early in our first campaign, had arranged a special surprise for me.
  7. Martos stood under one of the brown, pitted buttresses that supported an elevated guide.
  8. Mobile operators supported : AIS, dtac and TrueMove – both prepaid & postpaid services.
  9. The technology is supported on 33 prepaid phones and 28 postpaid phones that are currently offered by Sprint.
  10. Japan has an economy that is supported by hardworking company employees in big cities.
  11. He added that he had supported anti-EU policies and campaigns long before Ukip existed.
  12. The pillars possibly once supported an elaborate masonry roof.
  13. Prophecies uttered with such conviction and certainty, supported and strengthened the hope of the people in the coming restoration of the kingdom.
  14. One of the two high priests, Zadok, supported Bathsheba’s views, as also Nathan the prophet, who acquired great influence with David in the last years of his reign.
  15. In the same manner, an Episcopal teacher, in a private school formed and supported by Episcopalians, may use and commend forms of prayer, and explain the various usages of that church, exhibiting their excellence, and their adaptation to the purposes for which they are intended.

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