Use Sumptuous in a Sentence, How to use “Sumptuous” in a sentence


Use Sumptuous in a sentence. How to use the word Sumptuous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Sumptuous. Sentence for Sumptuous.

Use Sumptuous in a Sentence - How to use "Sumptuous" in a sentence

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Examples of sumptuous in a sentence

  1. Her suite of apartments were supplied and adorned in the most sumptuous manner.
  2. With these avails they built the magnificent edifices of Rome, and adorned its environs with sumptuous villas.
  3. Many of them, too, were adorned and decorated in the most sumptuous manner, with gilded sterns, purple awnings, and silver-mounted oars.
  4. Putin has given Berlusconi “sumptuous gifts” and lucrative energy contracts, and Berlusconi “seems to be increasingly Putin’s spokesman” in Europe, according to a cable.
  5. And there were also ballets of stories, sumptuous productions that required extravagant Kirstein funds.
  6. The visitors were treated with great hospitality, and entertained in a manner which, considering the circumstances of the case, was quite sumptuous.
  7. Rockers for his cradle were appointed, and many other officers of his household, all the arrangements being made in a very magnificent and sumptuous manner.
  8. The queen went in state in a sumptuous chariot, preceded by trumpeters and heralds in armor, and accompanied by a long train of noblemen, barons, and gentlemen, and also of ladies, all most richly dressed in crimson velvet, the trappings of the horses being of the same material.
  9. These tents were provided with sumptuous entertainments, and with beds and couches for repose; and they were all attended by beautiful girls who stood at the doors of them inviting Nero and his party to land, as they passed along the river in their barges.
  10. When she had arrived he made a sumptuous entertainment for King Vortigern, inviting also to it, of course, many other distinguished guests.
  11. In the course of the day they had receded several miles from the land, and when the dinner hour arrived they found that the lord admiral had provided a most sumptuous banquet on board.


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