Use Summer in a Sentence – How to use “Summer” in a sentence


Use Summer in a sentence. How to use the word Summer in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Summer. Sentence for Summer.

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Definition of Summer

  1. the warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February.
  2. a horizontal bearing beam, especially one supporting joists or rafters.
  3. spend the summer in a particular place.

Examples of Summer in a sentence

  1. New Yorkers were enjoying the Indian summer.
  2. Hawaii had its last summer sales tax holiday in 2021.
  3. Her skin tans very quickly in the summer.
  4. Their departure time, though, varies throughout the summer.
  5. A life without love is like a year without summer.
  6. The palace and park, inspired by Versailles, were built as a royal summer residence in the reigns of Charles IV and Maria Theresa.
  7. Annual summer, the orgiastic day lets the Qingdao beer of the picturesque landscape boil.
  8. At that time, Dorset was beginning the transition from a picturesque country of dairy products to a thriving colony of summer artists.
  9. Next summer’s exams would be easy to administer and dial.
  10. However, the initial sentimental love, like the summer night breeze, flutters only a throbbing heart.
  11. You will never find anyone who can give you a clear and convincing reason why we observe the summer time.
  12. Overcome the stagnation of summer by spending a day at the zoo.
  13. The initial impulse for rethinking came not from the officials but from Sir Stafford Cripps in the summer of 1946.
  14. Since it will be summer when you visit, you can find almost all of them by boat or kayak, and then capture some rays of yuletide on the beach.
  15. In the summer of 1923 he went to Soviet Russia as sanitary commissioner for the League of Nations health section to study cholera.


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