Use Subordinate in a Sentence – How to use “Subordinate” in a sentence


Use Subordinate in a sentence. How to use the word Subordinate in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Subordinate. Sentence for Subordinate.

Use Subordinate in a Sentence - How to use "Subordinate" in a sentence

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Examples of Subordinate in a sentence

  1. He was the son of one of the subordinate officers of the Tower.
  2. He treated Lepidus himself, personally, with extreme politeness, and retained him as a subordinate under his command.
  3. And they planned to destroy its economic base to insure that it would be subordinate to West Pakistan for at least a generation to come.
  4. They must be brought forward with judgment and moderation, and made subordinate and subservient to these regular duties.
  5. The most striking variation from the common Arian myth in the Avesta is the statement that Yima is subordinate to a deity, Auramazda, of whom the Arians of India knew nothing.
  6. These immigrants partly drove back the ancient population, and confined it in hardly accessible mountains or morasses, partly forced it to submit to their rule and accept their civilisation, partly allowed it to live among them, as now, in a despicable and subordinate position.
  7. In one of these carriages, riding quietly with the rest as a subordinate in the train, was Peter.
  8. He made the military authority, though still nominally and in form subordinate, in reality paramount and supreme.
  9. On the back side of each of these rooms was a door communicating with the gallery behind them, or with some subordinate apartments depending upon them.
  10. It confirms what is known in many other ways, that the kings of this line, reigning over both Normandy and England, considered Normandy as the chief centre of their power, and England as subordinate.
  11. During his absence in Spain, Caesar replenished in some degree his exhausted finances, but he soon became very much discontented with so subordinate a position.
  12. Scipio came with the Roman army, at first as a subordinate officer; but his bravery, his sagacity, and the success of some of his almost romantic exploits, soon made him an object of universal regard.


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