Use Study in a Sentence, How to use “Study” in a sentence


Use Study in a sentence. How to use the word Study in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Study. Sentence for Study.

Use Study in a Sentence - How to use "Study" in a sentence

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Examples of study in a sentence

  1. The question was held in abeyance until a study was made.
  2. This latest study involved a total of 67 football players.
  3. I wouldn’t know where to send a student to study.
  4. This study finds that labor law violations hurt the local economy.
  5. He studied under Aniello Falcone, but his taste in art was formed by the study of nature among the wilds of the Apennines rather than by other artists.
  6. He was an illustrator until 1907, when he decided to study painting in Paris.
  7. She helped found and edited the annual volume Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (1945).
  8. Careful study of the market is a prerequisite for success.
  9. Now, a new study discredits one of the main myths surrounding vaccines: that thimerosal preservative, which contains a form of mercury called ethylmercury, causes autism.
  10. How can we motivate students to study hard?
  11. this article aims to make a study of the truth and the absurdity of Expressionism in Castle.
  12. The main congregation is divided into ethnic groups by time of worship, study and fellowship.
  13. To Florentine art he introduced landscape in the Flemish tradition and a concern for physical movement gained from his pioneering study of anatomy through dissection.
  14. By this time Howitt had begun a systematic study of aboriginal tribes, living with them and being initiated into tribal life.
  15. As a biographer, Beveridge’s major work was The Life of John Marshall (4 vols., 1916-19), a monumental study of the history of the Supreme Court and Marshall’s influence on it.
  16. He went on a marine biology expedition in 1888 to Torres Strait—the channel between Australia and Papua—to study the formation of coral reefs, and while there became interested in the inhabitants of the Murray Islands.


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