Use Structure in a Sentence, How to use “Structure” in a sentence


Use Structure in a sentence. How to use the word Structure in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Structure. Sentence for Structure.

Use Structure in a Sentence - How to use "Structure" in a sentence

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Examples of Structure in a sentence

  1. A simple structure that frames the aerial camera is presented.
  2. The operating principle, the characteristic of the structure and the requirement to use the steam accumulator are explained, and its application in beer production is introduced.
  3. This type of learning ignores the underlying structure of examples, and does not try to explain why regularities occur.
  4. The numerical results showed that the main intermediate stress affected in a significant way the regularities of spatial combination of the different types of structure planes.
  5. A training model contains the structure of knowledge and skills, which the educator constructs for the educated, and the methods to carry it out.
  6. Chosen the jet ejector of the equipment with air bearings, the paper introduced the structure, the work elements and the design method of the jet educator.
  7. Using the current international regression and correlation analysis method, we develop a capacity and structure project for employment.
  8. This document uses the regression analysis method to carry out the discussion on the correlation between the growth of listed companies and the structure index of share rights.
  9. The infections can cause the formation of abscesses, which would involve all the adjacent and genital blood vessels, the reproductive structure and other abdominal tissues.
  10. shows the pathological structure of the decayed tooth, pulpitis, apical putrefaction, paradentitis and apical abscess.
  11. The structure of the dissertation is as follows: First, briefly explains the basic theory on chromatic and advances in a method to measure color and color aberration.
  12. This thesis fully analyzes the structure and characteristics of the birch bark culture that belongs to the special group living in the large and small mountains of Xingan.
  13. The shaft coupling structure is introduced, which is suitable for connecting two axes by groove and S-shaped strip in a narrow place.
  14. To reduce the bed of the lathe and assure its stiffness requirement, a lath wall pore structure is designed.
  15. They are named after their spore producing structure, ascus (pl. asci).


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