Use Stoop in a Sentence, How to use “Stoop” in a sentence


Use Stoop in a sentence. How to use the word Stoop in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Stoop. Sentence for Stoop.

Use Stoop in a Sentence - How to use "Stoop" in a sentence

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Examples of Stoop in a sentence

  1. He would not stoop by showing fear.
  2. How could their pride stoop to any union with the despised servants?
  3. I saw the child lift her little arms, and I saw the mother stoop and gather her to her bosom.
  4. Not for worlds, she told herself, would she stoop and touch them again.
  5. How this newer love must have rent his heart asunder before he could stoop to the baseness of such a betrayal!
  6. As she turned away, the shawl slipped from her shoulders to the dead leaves over which she was walking; but she did not stoop to recover it, nor did I make a movement to follow her.
  7. Mary Erskine accordingly went to the stoop where Mrs. Bell was sitting, and took a seat upon the bench at the side of Mrs. Bell, though rather behind than before her.
  8. There was a railing along behind the seat, at the edge of the stoop and a large white rose-bush, covered with roses, upon the other side.
  9. In a minute or two she got up suddenly from her seat, and still keeping her face averted from Mrs. Bell, she went in by the stoop door into the house, and disappeared.
  10. Our Uncle Donald had to stoop his head to hear it.
  11. Mary Bell went, accordingly, for her fire-pan, which she found in its place in the open stoop or shed.
  12. She moved the box, which she had been packing, away from the stoop door, and put it in a corner.
  13. Glad to discover this mode of escape from their thraldom, the children ran out, and capered about upon the back stoop in great glee.


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