Use Stir in a Sentence, How to use “Stir” in a sentence


Use Stir in a sentence. How to use the word Stir in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Stir. Sentence for Stir.

Use Stir in a Sentence - How to use "Stir" in a sentence


Examples of Stir in a sentence

  1. Stir to combine and cover with fresh whipped cream.
  2. Did it not stir you?
  3. “It did stir me,” said I, “and I am sure I never heard him say it before.
  4. But, instead of choosing the legal road to power, he preferred to stir up an insurrection, disguising his motives under the mask of ‘The National Idea,’ but, {136} as is proved by his own declarations, really inspired by personal animus and party interest.
  5. Their object was to immobilize a great force of British troops around the Canal, to keep the Mohammedan population in Palestine impressed with Turkish power, and to stir up religious unrest among the natives in Egypt.
  6. Standing there balanced on his crutch, a hand where his shoulder usually rested, he was a sight to stir the pathos and inspire admiration in any crowd.
  7. Very slowly, very sluggishly, as his circulation quickened again, a horrid suspicion began to stir in Barton’s mind; but it took him a long time to voice the suspicion in anything as loud and public as words.
  8. It was just as if they wanted to make amends for not having had courage to stir up the memories connected with their old home itself.
  9. Since he was always quite objective in his preaching and heartily disbelieved in the usual revival methods, the incident illustrates his rare ability to profoundly stir even the less mature of his hearers by his objective presentation of the Gospel.
  10. Breakfast indeed was just about over when a faint stir on the threshold made everybody look up.
  11. Vaguely in a chaotic blur he sensed a restless exchange of glances, the soft, clothy shifting and stir of busy people impatient to be off.

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