Use State in a Sentence – How to use “State” in a sentence


Use State in a sentence. How to use the word State in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word State. Sentence for State.

Use State in a Sentence - How to use "State" in a sentence

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Examples of state in a sentence

  1. Conservatism has a dogma that the state should not intervene.
  2. Such liberties can be reduced only if the state shows that it has a pressing need to do so.
  3. His tie was in that wrinkled and flattered state that imparted time and wear.
  4. Water from the Tahquamenon River flows over the lower Falls in Tahquamenon Falls State Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  5. Christa Carone, marketing director of Xerox (XRX), recites an appointment to that effect: “Work is no longer a place, it is a state of mind,” she says in an email.
  6. The resulting collisions with state power weakened its momentum.
  7. Bernardo was in a state of perplexity.
  8. Acknowledgment is a statutory requirement, the provisions varying from state to state.
  9. Gorman, the Maryland Democratic leader, was a state senator (1875-1881) and then a U. S. senator (1881-1899).
  10. He later held the offices of state secretary and treasurer in Massachusetts.
  11. After a time the originals were taken down and filed in the state archives as a record.
  12. The most common valence state is +3, but +1 and +2 are also found.
  13. He also set up programs to evaluate the curriculum and teaching in high schools in the state for the purpose of admitting graduates of qualified schools to the university without examinations.
  14. These salts are purified and then reduced to metallic state either chemically or electrolytically.
  15. It is the only state with more than 1 million horses.
  16. He studied at Ohio State University (B. A., 1910) and Columbia University (Ph. D., 1917).
  17. After the publication of the newspaper El Observador on March 30, he reported that Gavazzo confessed that in 1973 he decided to take the body of Tupamaro Roberto Gomensoro and throw him into the Negro River, the head of state decided to ask him to resign to the defense minister and the deputy secretary, Daniel. Montiel.


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