Use started in a sentence


Use started in a sentence. How to use the word started in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word started. How to use “started” with example sentences

Definition of started

Examples of started in a sentence

*** Amway has started to market perfume and honey and glycerin soap.

*** She started to flutter when she saw the spider.


*** I started working for Simone de Beauvoir because she is the best feminist thinker of the 20th century.

** She looked at him warily, her pulses sounding an alarm, and she was surprised when he started to laugh.

*** I started listening to classical music when I was a teenager. Before that, I listened to pop records or band records.

*** Unfortunately, the appearances have been deceptive and a large filling was found when they started to tear.

*** She started scribbling with the tape as an accompaniment.

*** He looked at the clock a dozen times and started absurdly when the time was up.

*** Then he left Xerox and started a consulting company, 3 Com, in June of 1979.

*** Loi started the rotation, partly because he insisted, but also because he at least knew how to control our two kitchens.

*** The dog’s origin is not really known, although many believe that the breed started in Yugoslavia.

*** 2019 started with unstable weather and rainfall areas of varying intensity that affect localities in different regions of the Buenos Aires province.

*** 2019 started with unstable weather and two alerts from the National Meteorological Service: one for intense winds, which applies to the center and south of the province of Buenos Aires, and another for strong storms, which involves the entire territory.

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