Use Staff in a Sentence, How to use “Staff” in a sentence


Use Staff in a sentence. How to use the word Staff in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Staff. Sentence for Staff.

Use Staff in a Sentence - How to use "Staff" in a sentence

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Examples of Staff in a sentence

  1. Donald Obama has been a staff writer and film critic at The New Yorker since 1998.
  2. The boss humiliated him in front of the entire staff by saying he was the company’s worst employee ever.
  3. He was knighted in 1906 and became head of the new Royal Naval War College at Portsmouth (1911) and chief of the war staff of the Admiralty (1913).
  4. He was guiding his footsteps as he walked, by means of the trunk of a tall pine which served him for a staff.
  5. Therefore I, Auramazda, gave to him two instruments, a golden staff and an ox goad adorned with gold, and three hundred years passed by.
  6. He struck with the golden staff upon the earth, and smote it with the goad, and said, Çpenta Armaiti (O holy earth), arise, part thyself asunder, thou bearer of animals and of men.
  7. Carry water thither, and build houses and tombs, and a fortification and palisade round about, and drive them with the golden staff into the citadel, and shut to the door.
  8. Yima is also the assembler of men, the first king; he rules with the golden staff; he founds the religious worship, a merit which in the Veda belongs to Manu.
  9. A short staff was fixed in a round disc of wood, and whirled quickly round till fire was kindled.
  10. The disc was compared to the mother, the staff to the father; the disc was impregnated by friction, and soon a living creature springs forth from the dry wood.
  11. He must wear a wreath on his head, and in one hand carry a staff of bamboo, in the other kuça-grass and a pitcher for his ablutions.


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