Use Spontaneous in a Sentence, How to use “Spontaneous” in a sentence


Use Spontaneous in a sentence. How to use the word Spontaneous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Spontaneous. Sentence for Spontaneous.

Spontaneous in a Sentence
Definition of Spontaneous

  1. Done naturally from impulse; not planned
  2. Arising from or caused by inner forces with no outside cause.

Examples of Spontaneous in a sentence

  1. Abortion may be spontaneous or induced; if induced, it may be legal or illegal.
  2. a spontaneous dance.
  3. Make time to write by mastering spontaneous writing.
  4. Spontaneous process is a process that occurs without outside intervention.
  5. Someone who is not spontaneous is likely to be stiff, mannered, formal, rigid or over-controlling.
  6. In a system, whether it be in chemistry, biology, or physics there are spontaneous processes and nonspontaneous processes.
  7. M. Briand kindly added that he delayed the presentation of this ultimatum in order to give His Majesty the advantage of making a spontaneous gesture without the appearance of compulsion.
  8. Their hostility to each other was mere rivalry and spontaneous hate.
  9. Likewise M. Venizelos affirmed that he had not stirred up an insurrection, but only headed a spontaneous outbreak of popular discontent.
  10. The British Minister, delighted by this spontaneous offer, thanked the King, expressing the hope that his action would be greatly appreciated, that all mistrust would vanish, and that the Powers would moderate their coercions.
  11. These spontaneous ceremonies,” observes an eye-witness, “were vastly more indicative than any elections could ever have been of the place to which the great Cretan had fallen in the esteem of his countrymen.
  12. Throughout all this Bill shone as an entertainer, a mental uplift that was really welcome, so spontaneous and keen were his talks and comments on people and things.
  13. With an agonizing jerk of his neck the Senior Surgeon rooted his mud-gagged mouth a half inch further towards free and spontaneous speech.
  14. Thus it was not by spontaneous development, but rather by the opposition to the nations of the steppes, that the north-east of Iran first outgrew the tribal life, and became transformed into a larger state.


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