Use Spiritual in a Sentence – How to use “Spiritual” in a sentence


Use Spiritual in a sentence. How to use the word Spiritual in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Spiritual. Sentence for Spiritual.

Use Spiritual in a Sentence - How to use "Spiritual" in a sentence

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Examples of Spiritual in a sentence

  1. It was as if some spiritual isolation divided her from her kind.
  2. The people of those days formed no idea of a spiritual world, or of a spiritual divinity.
  3. In that instant of renunciation she had reached some spiritual haven.
  4. She created in the horror of that hour an unseen environment more real, because more spiritual, than the material fact of the house.
  5. I have a cousin who is a spiritual advisor for Native veterans in Canada, so I’m very familiar with the history of Natives in the military.
  6. The value concept of human-centred thinking is the kernel spirit among them and is strong spiritual motive supporting the development of the news of the masses.
  7. Only my vision—and I have asked myself since if the power of sympathy enabled me to penetrate the web of material fact and see the spiritual form of the child—only my vision was not blinded by the clay through which I looked.
  8. There is a spiritual vanity as well as a physical one, you know, and Janet’s weakness is spiritual.
  9. A sense of isolation like spiritual darkness descended upon her; and she closed her eyes and tried to bring back the serenity she had felt in the thought of relinquishment.
  10. “Is there under heaven,” he continued, “a mental or a spiritual eye so blinded with brutal egotism, so drunk with self-interest, as not to read the story that this poor withered frame writes large?
  11. The soldiers of Pyrrhus were willing to meet any of the ordinary and natural chances and hazards of war; but, where the awful and irresistible decrees of the spiritual world were to be against them, it is not strange that they dreaded the encounter.


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