Use Spider in a Sentence, How to use “Spider” in a sentence


Use Spider in a sentence. How to use the word Spider in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Spider. Sentence for Spider.

use spider in a sentence


Definition of Spider

Spiders are arthropods that breathe air and have eight legs and chelicerae with fangs that inject venom. They are the largest order of arachnids and the seventh in the total diversity of species among all other orders of organisms.

Examples of spider in a sentence

  1. Spider Monkey, any of a genus, Ateles, of monkeys (family Cebidae) having long spiderlike limbs, found from parts of Mexico and Central America to southern Brazil and Paraguay.
  2. Animal trickster folktales, featuring the tortoise, hare, rabbit, chevrotain, or spider, are the best-known African narratives.
  3. A spider landed on her pillow and she screamed.
  4. The spider web brushed my forehead.
  5. He saw a spider spinning its web.
  6. I saw a spider the size of my hand in the backyard.
  7. The shaggy spider monkey is the largest primate in the Americas.
  8. We saw a spider spinning a net between three stems of tall grass.
  9. A spider sank its jaws into my ankle.
  10. Pepita had been trying to remember the events that led to being bitten by the black widow spider.
  11. Spider can then face his fear and on the big night, he takes second place in the spelling bee.
  12. Throw some small insects at the net and discover what prevents them from leaving before the spider can catch them.
  13. Byron pulls away, very hairy, very clean, wringing his hands, like an impeccable spider in his green uniforms.
  14. As soon as that happens, the spider stops spinning, turns, pulls the filament and holds it on its side.
  15. The spider must wait for the prey to be trapped in its network.
  16. The new product has been created by implanting spider genes in a herd especially raised from tiny brown goats.
  17. A small spider from the night to the morning built an exquisite network on my table.
  18. Spider monkeys associate in small troops and feed on fruits, nuts, and insects.
  19. The spider climbed the wall.
  20. Spider gave him the road test, he presented the license.


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