Use southwest in a sentence

Use southwest in a sentence. Sentence for southwest. How to use the word southwest in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word southwest. How to use “southwest” with example sentences.

Definition of southwest

Examples of southwest in a sentence

*** Spain, a country is located in the southwest of Europe in the Iberian Peninsula.

*** ABBADID, a Müslim Arab dynasty that ruled southwest Spain for most of the llth century.

*** YOAKUM, city, Texas, in De Witt and Lavaca counties, 122 miles by road southwest of Houston and 95 miles southeast of San Antonio.

*** YINGKOW or YING-K’OU, municipality, China, in southwestern Liaoning Province, Manchuria, at the mouth of the Liao River, on the Gulf of Liaotung, about 50 miles southwest of the great Anshan iron and steel center and 100 miles southwest of Shenyang (Mukden).

*** After receiving the surrender of Brussels he drove the British from Mons, took Tournai and Maubeuge, and continued his advance southwest in the direction of Paris.

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