Use Source in a Sentence, How to use “Source” in a sentence


Use Source in a sentence. How to use the word Source in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Source. Sentence for Source.

Use Source in a Sentence - How to use "Source" in a sentence

Source :

Examples of Source in a sentence

  1. With recycling and an adequate source of energy, this immense population is sustainable in the indefinite future.
  2. They stick up above the food source giving the food a fuzzy appearance.
  3. When these spores are dispersed to a new food source, they are capable of forming new hyphae.
  4. The root like hyphae that attach the fungus to the food source are called rhizoids.
  5. All this creates a complex pattern, but complex in therapy only if one does not know the source of the aberration.
  6. Some key problems have been studied, such as the previous grouping between the ion source and the RFQ, the extraction of H-less Lorentz in the cyclotron of medium energy, the acceleration of flat surface, etc.
  7. The source is used for the acceleration test of UV life and to study the effect of UV radiation on mechanical and electrical satellite products.
  8. Analysts say that a possible secondary source for display panels is the Taiwanese manufacturer Innolux Display Corp., a subsidiary of Hon Hai.
  9. Three years later, it developed into a crowdfunding project aimed to introduce highly sustainable light source design from waste products.
  10. Here, consequently, is the source of perplexity and debate.
  11. It is a prime source for the study of early Jewish culture in Spain.
  12. It also speaks of sustainable source, being recyclable, and easier disassembly into smaller fragments.
  13. They also found inspiration in farming systems in urban areas that will provide secure and healthy food source and at the same time give farmer-entrepreneurs with the tools and skills they need.
  14. They are the best source of vitamin C and are excellent for cleaning our blood vessels from cholesterol buildup.


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