Use someone in a sentence

Use someone in a sentence. Sentence for someone. How to use the word someone in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word someone. How to use “someone” with example sentences.

Definition of someone

Examples of someone in a sentence

*** Emphasize the difficulty of saying anything about religion that can not be received by someone in a deceptive manner.

*** In fact, it is so deceptive to ignore the packaging and expect someone to evaluate the new situation without any help.

*** He felt an urgent need to tell someone his idea.

*** “It is traditional and customary in most cultures of the world to lavish on wedding ceremonies, as they are one of the most important events in someone’s life.”

*** Knight said that officials could be convicted under the law only if they attacked someone who was in their actual custody.

*** If someone has been designated to be the white knight in the Democratic Party fundraiser debacle, it is Sen.

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