Use Someone in a Sentence, How to use “Someone” in a sentence


Use Someone in a sentence. How to use the word Someone in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Someone. Sentence for Someone.

Use Someone in a Sentence - How to use "Someone" in a sentence


Examples of someone in a sentence

  1. Emphasize the difficulty of saying anything about religion that can not be received by someone in a deceptive manner.
  2. In fact, it is so deceptive to ignore the packaging and expect someone to evaluate the new situation without any help.
  3. He felt an urgent need to tell someone his idea.
  4. Others simply wanted someone younger and relatively has a fresh face to become the superhero.
  5. “It is traditional and customary in most cultures of the world to lavish on wedding ceremonies, as they are one of the most important events in someone’s life.”
  6. Knight said that officials could be convicted under the law only if they attacked someone who was in their actual custody.
  7. If someone has been designated to be the white knight in the Democratic Party fundraiser debacle, it is Sen.
  8. You pay the bills because if you do not, someone will turn off the power, get your car back or evict you.
  9. He and his family celebrated in May, but it is possible that someone has run with the idea and created the Just Because Day. of August.
  10. Once set up and running, the website automatically updates and notifies you when someone donates to your cause.
  11. Surprise someone you love with a visit or a phone call … Just because.
  12. From a talk show host, a musician, and an actress, let’s move on from someone who actually changed the world in a way through her books.
  13. Like when you think that everyone knows the right place to fill their car, someone surprises you with their stupidity, or even something more basic like wearing a seat belt.
  14. It was a voice, I heard someone say afterwards, that ought always to speak poetry.


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