Use Some in a Sentence, How to use “Some” in a sentence


Use Some in a sentence. How to use the word Some in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Some. Sentence for Some.

Some in a Sentence


Examples of Some in a sentence

  1. Some of the conquests, for instance that of the Romans, were beneficial to the territory.
  2. Some estimates suggest that 75% of rural Egyptians have schistosomiasis.
  3. Cairo contains some of the richest museums and libraries in the world.
  4. The Egyptian National Library, founded in 1869, contains some of the most valuable manuscript collections in the Middle East.
  5. Elephant’s Ear is a name commonly applied to plants with large, asymmetrical leaves, such as Caladium esculentum, some begonias, and taro.
  6. El Cajon has some light industry.
  7. The mercury vapor in a fluorescent lamp emits some light in the visible region of the spectrum, but most of its radiation is in the ultraviolet region.
  8. Some high-pressure sodium-vapor lamps that provide a light similar to that of the incandescent-filament lamp also have been used for street lighting.
  9. Some shocks are very mild, such as those one feels when wearing synthetic fabrics.
  10. In addition to operas he wrote a mass, several cantatas, and some chamber music.
  11. Some sections are optional and are marked with an asterisk (*).
  12. For a variety of reasons, we have disallowed some characters and combinations of them.
  13. You will notice that we have already filled out some of the choices for you.
  14. Some of them you don’t have to pay back!
  15. The aerial survey in particular has revealed some of the complexities of the internal morphology of the site.
  16. Some prankster has been playing with the antenna of my car!
  17. There is something about this pattern of behavior that is very reminiscent of some addictive or compulsive behaviors.
  18. The four teams accredited by Zhejiang Province will cooperate with labor-exporting provinces in interprovincial labor services, and some companies will participate in on-site recruitment.
  19. Many sensationalistic trials for homicide of the twentieth century have received extensive press notifications and some have received saturation news coverage.

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